How to crack DVDFab on Linux

Note: This original solution still works for me, but if you're having trouble then read the comments.

Note: In Ubuntu 10.10, Wine can't seem to find the CD drive anymore... As a workaround, open Configure Wine from your applications menu, click the Drives tab set the CD drive to point to your DVD disk folder (this is in /media/). You must do this every time you insert a new DVD as the name of the folder will change...

DVDFab is clearly the best DVD ripper. But £35 for one year's licence? I don't think so. And it sucks that the one feature I really care about (DVD9->DVD5) is only in the Platinum package. So, unfortunately I need to be cheeky. Btw, I would buy it if it was reasonably priced!

You get a 30 day free trial with DVDFab. I cannot find a crack that works on a Linux install of DVDFab so the best I have managed to do it to keep reseting the 30 day trial. To do this, simply run this line of code:

sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg
Why not add this code to your DVDFab shortcut to restart the trial period every time you use DVDFab?! Simply use this code as your shortcut:
sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg; env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine wine 'C:\Program Files\DVDFab 5\DVDFab.exe'
Note: The above code contains multiple commands. Launchers cannot run multiple commands. See the following post for a workaround to use this code in a launcher:
How to execute multiple commands in a launcher (shortcut) in Ubuntu


jmcelw said...

After some errors trying to get the multiple commands to work, I finally put this in my launcher and I don't get an error anymore but DVDFab never opens. What am I doing wrong? I did run the fix to run multiple commands so that should be working.

launch "sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg; env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine wine; "/home/jim/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DVDFab/DVDFab.exe""

stinkinrich88 said...

Hello! Give this code a try:

launch "sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg; env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine wine 'C:\Program Files\DVDFab\DVDFab.exe'"

Let me know if it works and I'll update the post.

All I did was remove the extra ; after wine and I replaced all nested quotation marks with '


jmcelw said...

This is what I ended up doing and it works good now. I put the following in a session to run at startup:

launch "sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg; env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine wine"

And then I just did a normal setup in my applications menu and browsed to the .exe file:

"/home/jim/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/DVDFab/DVDFab.exe"

Now it resets each time I boot up instead of when I load the program. I did try your second suggestion and it still didn't load up. By the way I'm using Ubuntu 8.10

TMC said...

Do you know how to do this in windows or will it only work in linux?

stinkinrich88 said...

Hey TMC. I was working on a version for Windows but it was much harder than I expected. I'll try to look into it again sometime! But at the moment, no, I haven't made a version for Windows.

There are plenty of good cracks out there though! Find one on

Don't forget how dangerous a lot of the crack programs can be. Always scan them for viruses before running them. Use this website to scan a program for viruses:

It uses over 20 virus scanners so you know it's good!

TMC said...

Yah thats kinda why i was looking for a quick and dirty reg hack on windows, so i wouldent get screwed with a crack. I am close to buying it, but I hate the yearly license fee, for the small amount of the program I use.

jmcelw said...

When I used Windows, I used "1 click DVD copy" and "DVD43" and they worked pretty much flawlessly and very easy to use. I tried for awhile to get them to work with wine on ubuntu but gave up when I came across DVDFAB. You can find both on

Anonymous said...

jmcelw, your semi colon is in the wrong place. Should be:
launch "sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg; env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine; wine 'C:\Program Files\DVDFab 5\DVDFab.exe'"
This works for me on Ubuntu 9.0.4

Anonymous said...

I'm using this on my Ubuntu box but should also put it out there that AnyDVD & Clone DVD work just fine on VirtualBox - I install it clean every couple weeks...


Anonymous said...

You were well advised not to spend the money on a key - turns out that the registration mechanism is one thing that doesn't work under wine! It thinks the key is duff and immediatelt expires your trial too.

Mané said...

I'm working with Ubuntu Karmic. I've installed DVDFab 6, and my code in my GNOME menĂº entry is:

sh -c "sed -i '/ASProtect/,/^$/d' ~/.wine/user.reg; env WINEPREFIX=~/.wine; wine 'C:\Program Files\DVDFab 6\DVDFab.exe'"

It doesn't need the "launch trick".


Anonymous said...

On resetting preferences to default also resets the trial period.

Jeff91 said...

Thanks for the read and the posting on my blog ( But I had to remove your comment because I do not like to condone the illegal use of software.

~Jeff Hoogland

Eric said...

DVD Fab 7 on Kubuntu 10.04:
Start DVDFab from application menu as normal.
When done working:
Click on green checkmark icon in titlebar;
Click "Default" button.
"ok", "ok" then close program.

This resets trial period.

Anonymous said...

None of this stuff works for DVDFab7. Looks like the expiration keys are stored in ~/.wine/system.reg now. Delete all entries similar to:

[Software\\DVDFab\\FileMover] 1276110382

Where "###" is a long (~170 character) encrypted string.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for an explanation.

Anonymous said...

Quick follow-up: it looks like the above two posts (Eric and Anonymous) regarding resetting to defaults AND deleting the system.reg keys work in conjunction. You should only have to do the reg key trick once, after which time resetting the options to default with the green check box is required every 30 days. HTH.

Anonymous said...

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Werner said...

Any idea if this works with DVDFAB 8, too. (The frequent updates of this SW are really a pain ....)

Anonymous said...

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stinkinrich88 said...

Hi guys,

Yep, I'm afraid I can't find a way to easily crack DVDFab 8. Any suggestions are appreciated. In the meantime, just download DVDFab version 6 and use my solution. Get it here:

If anyone cares to try to crack version 8, just get a fresh install of Wine, copy all the .wine files somewhere, then install DVDFab and compare the new version of .wine. See what they've changed and undo it.

Jack said...

I found that the two tricks at once do the job of reset the trial period, so these are the steps to follow (works with the latest dvdfab 8 release too):
1- reset defaults, exit program
2- delete reg key ASProtect
3- restart the program

to delete the key I use a .reg file with this content:
<--- cut from here
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

<--- to here


Anonymous said...

DVDFab9 doesn't launch without serverbased checking of true licensestate anymore. Setting up fresh .wine doesn't have any effect these days.

But fortunaltely there is a k9copy reload :

Ali Kanjoo said...

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