How to get four columns in iGoogle

Not long ago, iGoogle allowed users to have four columns on their iGoogle pages. However, this feature is no longer available. I figured a way to get it back, though:
  1. On the drop-down menu of your iGoogle tab click "Edit this tab"
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page and click "Export"
  3. Save the exported file to your computer and open it with a text editor
  4. Locate the 5th line of the file (starts with:
    <Layout iGoogle:spec=
  5. Edit this line to the following:
    <Layout iGoogle:spec="FOUR_COL_LAYOUT_1" />
  6. Save the file and go back to the iGoogle settings page
  7. Under "Export/Import" click browse and locate your edited file
  8. Click "Upload" then "Save"
Now you have four columns on you iGoogle tab.

P.s. My iGoogle looks way sexier because I'm using Super iGoogle (written by me) in Greasemonkey.


billynomates said...

You spelled emphasis wrong in the description. And there's a bunch of stuff missing from this blog. Proof read, boy.

P. said...

Using this hack does bring back the fourth column. However, nothing will persist in that column! Every time I surf away from my four column page and return, the fourth column is blank and all of the modules have moved.

stinkinrich88 said...

Thanks P, I'm having that problem too. It definitely used to work! They must have changed something. It's possible it could start working again. I've had another look at the xml file and there's nothing else that can be done (even a manually written layout doesn't work). So looks like we'll have to sit tight! sorry, dude

P. said...

At this point, I'm considering a switch to Netvibes. A three column page looks really craptastic on a 24" wide-screen monitor.

stinkinrich88 said...

yeah, I know what you mean. I wish there was something better than iGoogle but I always come back to it... Odysen is another alternative. But I have so much google stuff that it's hard to integrate it nicely in other pages.

I was thinking of trying to host my own custom version of igoogle but it looks way too hard. There are frameworks available to create widgets & columns but I'm totally not clever enough.

P. said...

Dude, your hack seems to be working again as of 02:22 EST July 23, 2008. F-ing Google...

stinkinrich88 said...

Ahh, nice one! Cheers, p. They must've changed summut. God knows why they won't give us the four-column option back.

Richard said...

Beautiful solution. It worked for me. Thank you!!!

tf said...

nice one matey, even an inexperienced XML user like me could do that. good to have help from someone in the UK for a change, and from a fellow Wezz Countree-boy


Candide said...

Good words.