Super iGoogle

Google have updated the iGoogle page to look nicer. I've updated Super iGoogle to match the changes! Super iGoogle still works with the old version of iGoogle, if you don't have the new version, yet.

Here's the new description I published:

Super iGoogle compacts all of the unused space on your iGoogle page, making it neater, prettier and easier to use on small screens.

Hide any of the following from your iGoogle page:
  1. Header (space-consuming area at the top of the page)
  2. Sidebar tabs (a waste of space for some people)
  3. Footer (all the boring links at the bottom of the page)
You will find all settings for Super iGoogle in the menu at the top-right of your iGoogle page. Your settings will be automatically saved. Some settings have keyboard shortcuts, which are listed in the menu. Links to "change theme" and "add stuff" are also added to this menu.

If you want to hide the header to save space but you miss having the search-bar, a mini search-bar can be added to the top-right corner of the page.

Get the new Super iGoogle now!!

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